Happy new year from our team at PointWire! We are happy to be back. We can’t control what 2021 will bring, but we can control our reactions to cyber security issues and be proactive. Here is a definitive guide created by our team of experts to help you get through the year with no endpoint security glitches.   

Educate Your Colleagues 

Create a security focused workplace culture. New users (including contractors and third-party users) should be made aware of their personal responsibility to comply with the corporate security policies as part of their induction process. In addition, all users should receive refresher training on the security risks to the organisation on a regular basis. Consider providing a platform for users to enquire about security risks and discuss the advice they are given. Overall, users want to do the right thing, so giving them guidance to put security advice into practice will help. 

Carry out regular audits… 

Any software utilised by your company should be the latest version. Old apps are susceptible to zero-day exploits and attacks, which can steal information, penetrate networks, and cause severe damage. Cyber security audits act as a checklist that organisations can use to validate their security policies. 

Organisations that conduct an audit will be able to assess whether they have the proper security mechanisms in place while also making sure they are following relevant regulations. 

A cyber security audit will help mitigate the consequences of a breach and demonstrate that your organisation has taken the necessary steps to protect client and company data. 

Disaster Recover plan... 

When disaster strikes, it is essential to detect and respond to cyber-attacks as soon as possible. 

A calculated, thorough response plan will pave the way for a swift and constructive reaction if your organisation does experience a successful attack. As you plan for the eventuality of a cyber-attack, it is vital that the recovery planning process should be fluid. 

Your organisation must update your cyber security recovery plan regularly based on up-to-date visibility on threats and risks landscape, best practices and lessons learned from response to breaches that have affected similar businesses. Consider creating a task force to periodically test and evaluate your recovery efforts. Overtime, you’ll uncover what works and what doesn’t. After a breach, gather your task force and address any vulnerabilities and issues with your plan for more favourable results in the future – Learn from your mistakes. 

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