Here, at PointWire, we have a Sustainable front-of-mind

We want to ensure that all the work we do is sustainable and environmentally friendly. 
Of course, no business is perfect and we understand that, but the more conscious effort we all put in to ensure our working practices are environmentally friendly, the more positive the lives will be for our future generations.

Why is this important to us?

We believe in looking after our planet, and if there’s anything we can do to help, we will be actioning it straight away.
Our goal is to run a business that has a low negative impact on our environment. This is our goal because we support the movement of protecting our planet and ensuring that the world we are setting up for future generations is as good, if not better, as what we have now.

We feel it is important to maximise our sustainability function in each of the ‘three pillars of sustainability’ including, but not limited to, ‘Social’, ‘Environmental’ and ‘Economic’.
We recognise that each of these pillars work hand-in-hand in obtaining a sustainable working environment and organisation.

What actions are we taking?

Working From Home

One thing we do here at PointWire to ensure we are being as sustainable as possible is our working from home set-up. This saves lots of CO2 emissions from people not travelling to and from an office location every day. Instead, we have a bi/tri monthly meeting where we all meet up in our headquarters to discuss business operations and planning.

Solar Panels

In our headquarters, all of our electrical components and all our servers are fully powered by secure solar panels to help reduce our use of any fossil fuels when it comes to running our business. And we also ensure to switch off any servers that are not in use to help reduce our consumption of power.


Because nearly all the work we do internally and with our clients is online, we are proud to say that we operate with a paperless strategy, therefore reducing the amount of paper we use and in turn, reducing the amount of wastage we cause.

Electric Company Cars

We offer a company car scheme, to all of our employees, that are fully electric to also cut down CO2 emissions when travelling to these bi/tri monthly meetings or any events that we are attending. To add on to this, we also car share wherever possible to help cut down our emissions.

Reducing Waste

We like to think that our business model as a whole is also aimed at helping other business become more sustainable. Bold statement - we know. However, when you think about all the laptops or computers that are thrown away due to having a virus or a malicious software, that's a lot of wastage. By working with us and our services alongside your business, we can help you drastically reduce the amount of computers and laptops that are thrown away due to this issue and therefore reducing the amount of waste produced.

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