Need to see Tanium in action?

Have you ever been looking for a solution but you don’t really know what can help, you know what the problem is and what you want to solve but reading through lots of features doesn’t really answer your questions? Then you need a demonstration of the solution to see if it ticks the boxes to solve your problem. We offer a session looking at your challenges and use cases to see if Tanium is right for you.

Free Trial

Sometimes though you do know that some of the features will help but you just want to have a go and get stuck in. This is where you could benefit from a free trial of Tanium where you are in control and free to explore for 14 days. We will check in with you at points during the trial to answer any questions you may have but you can start your trial now.

Further options

If you have never seen the system before, the first stage would be a walkthrough with an expert. They will spend some time understanding what your challenges are and then showing you how these can be overcome by using the functionality available.
If you like the look of what you have seen there are two ways you can try it out on a selection of your own machines.

PointWire have an assisted Proof of Concept (POC) system. We will take you through a process of understanding what you need to prove out and the areas you want to tackle. From there we set you up on our server and send you a link to the agent which you install on a selection of your devices. That’s it! You are running the POC and we will be with you for the whole time and helping with understanding whenever you need it. Organisations of all sizes can take advantage of this free service.

The other option is a hands free POC available to organisations with over 1000 devices. You get an online sign in to a dedicated session that you can use for two weeks, download and install the agents on the devices you want to test out and away you go. PointWire will have some check in sessions with you throughout the two weeks and answer any questions you have.

How do I know which option would be right for me?

If you are looking to purchase a solution and you need help to decide what would be right, or you are looking to see what can be done to assist in pain points you have then a PointWire assisted POC would be best.

If you are just looking to test out the product to see if it’s something you want a deeper look at then try it out online first and move to an assisted one if it looks like something you want to progress further with. 

PointWire are always happy to help with decisions so if you need some advice on the best way to go, we can always have a coffee and a chat first.

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