Rapid Incident Response

An often overlooked issue when it comes to cybersecurity is the sheer volume of alerts security and IT teams regularly receive. Many of these alerts cannot be readily identified as malicious, and have to be checked on an individual basis.

Security teams need to correlate these threats, since correlation can reveal whether seemingly insignificant indicators all add up as part of a larger attack. This can overwhelm smaller security teams, and take away precious time and resources from their other tasks. This is where we come in.

With managed detection and response, we aim to address this problem not only by detecting threats but also by analysing all the factors and indicators involved in an alert.

Why Work With Us

Preparation is everything when dealing with hackers and cyber thieves. Your organisation needs to be prepared for every type of threat, from ransomware and hacking to data leaks.

An incident response plan is a set of instructions to help IT staff detect, respond to, and recover from network security incidents. These types of plans address issues like cybercrime, data loss, and service outages that threaten daily work. Pointwire can help create detailed plans and work through them with your teams.

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