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PointWire delivers cyber security services, enabling today’s risk-averse businesses to stay ahead of the curve. For organisations of all sizes, managing and securing endpoints across the estate is highly complex and requires substantial resource overhead.

Our experts bring agility, efficiency and protection to your organisation’s network using the breadth of knowledge gained over years of delivery . PointWire customers benefit from immediate overnight remote management capabilities, and the flexibility offered assists in the ever changing landscape that is security.

We manage thousands of endpoints for our clients; as an extension of their teams, giving them visibility over their risks, the tools to investigate and quarantine compromised devices, and recover quickly to a BAU state. We deliver more than security; we deliver piece of mind.

As technology advances it brings with it a whole new wave of complex security challenges and problems. Security engineering has moved from simply looking at the mathematical and physical properties to the people who use and form parts of the systems including social engineering attacks. When you can be hit by an attack from any angle do you have enough resources to continually fight back?

The security of a system is a property that reflects the system’s ability to protect itself from accidental or deliberate external attack. Security is essential as most systems are networked so that external access to the system through the Internet is possible. Security is an essential pre-requisite for availability, reliability and safety.

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