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The breadth of capabilities offered with the Tanium Platform can often be daunting for new teams embarking on using the platform for the first time.
Thankfully, Tanium Training is available from Tanium as either online or computer-based training (CBT) training.

Topics available for Tanium cover a breadth of different topics and modules and are broadly broken down into two different areas; Fundamental & Advanced.

Can PointWire Offer Tanium Training Courses?

Tanium Training courseware often provides operators, administrators and users of Tanium with the courses and pathways they need to develop their capabilities on the platform and get a deep understanding of the breadth of capabilities it has. For some client however, the courses are either too long or too broad to justify for some resources who are time constrained and need specific training which is tailored to both their needs, but also how their organisation uses Tanium.

PointWire can offer Tanium Training in these cases to support with a more flexible delivery approach which equips people with the knowledge they need in the shortest time possible. Training courses can be developed to go beyond the limits of the Tanium platform to support a broader objective of how Tanium integrates in the wider estate; thus ensuring maximum applicability for those resources.

Where Can I Go For More Information On Tanium Training?

More information about the Tanium accredited courses is available from the Tanium website. Alternatively, if your needs are more bespoke than the standard courseware offered, get in touch with one of our consultants via our Bookings Page, or by calling us on 01223 455185.

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