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Deep Instinct

The Only Deep Learning Framework Built Exclusively for Cybersecurity

Deep Instinct was founded on a simple premise: that deep learning, an advanced subset of AI technology, could be applied to cybersecurity to prevent more threats, faster.

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Embrace Prevention.

Stop malware and other threats—including unknown and zero-day—before they execute. In <20ms, Deep Instinct prevents malicious threats from entering your environment.

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More Precision.

Deep Instinct couples the industry’s highest detection rate (99%+) with the lowest number of false positives (<0.1%), optimizing SOC teams and delivering the peace of mind that the most serious threats are prevented every time.

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Faster Is Better.

True prevention—and protection—is a race against time. Deep Instinct detects and prevents threats before they are executed, 750X faster than the fastest known ransomware is able to encrypt.

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Uniquely Engineered.

Deep Instinct's purpose-built deep learning framework was designed to prevent threats faster and more accurately than any EPP or EDR tool in the world.

Why choose Deep Instinct?

Where can Deep Instinct help you?

Deep Instinct for Cloud

Files stored in your cloud represent a potential threat if downloaded. Deep Instinct scans the files uploaded to and downloaded from your Azure, AWS, or GCP cloud storage to prevent malicious files and ensure the integrity of your cloud deployment.

Deep Instinct for Applications

Your custom applications meet the unique needs of your customers and internal users. Deep Instinct prevents the upload and download of malicious files at the application level to ensure the integrity of your organization.

Deep Instinct for Web Gateways

Most ICAP solutions won’t stop unknown malware until it has detonated, and by then it’s too late. Deep Instinct replaces your ICAP to prevent the download of malicious files from the web faster and with greater accuracy.

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