Why choose PointWire?

Every company is going to tell you they are great and of course we believe we are, but what we think sets us apart is how we like to do business and how we treat our clients.

The values we hold very close to our hearts are Integrity, honesty, trust and passion. These values drive our decisions as a business to ensure each and every customer is delivered the best of us every time.
Our engineers take pride in their own development to make sure they are at the front and can confidently say they are experts in what they do. They strive to enhance the working life of our clients so everyone can achieve the goals they set for themselves.

We are straight forward and like simple, honest, mutual respect with our clients, we are a business and we do sell products and services but that doesn’t mean we will come in and rip and replace what you have now. We use our expertise to assess what you have, identify gaps and recommend a course of action. You are then able to make the decisions that are right for you at a time that makes sense for your organisation.

Our overall goal is to help you gain the most amount of value from any investments you make in security.

Our Culture

Our work culture is built upon Sustainability, Innovation, Growth, Integrity, and Excellence.

Our work values are very important to us. They define who we are as a company and everyone within it.

Our Mission

Provide businesses with class leading endpoint security solutions which improve both security and operational efficiency.

Our Vision

To make security technology a business enabler for our clients. 

The Journey

The importance of cyber security has become continually more apparent over the last few years; overshadowing areas of IT which formerly had been considered essential areas due to critical business & financial risks. With security breaches becoming the norm, it’s more important than ever to ensure that businesses take appropriate measures to secure themselves and mitigate these risks.

PointWire was established by a nucleus of endpoint management specialists who knew how to manage endpoints at scale, and the importance of securing them as part of a wider security strategy. This deep endpoint management knowledge translates into our clients not only enjoying a more secure business, but efficiencies in operational IT & Security spend which can be reinvested in tackling the next wave of threats.

With experience in the public and private sector managing tens of thousands of endpoints, security cleared consultants, and end to end fulfilment and delivery services; PointWire has become a logical choice for any business who takes the security of themselves and their clients seriously.

We follow leading frameworks and standards

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With Industry leading qualifications

Microsoft Azure Solutions expert
Microsoft secruity operations analyst
Microsoft cybersecurity expert
CompTIA+ Certification
(ISC2) Candidate
Tanium cloud specialist
Tanium certified operator

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