A Way To Ease The Pain Of Endpoint Detection & Response Investigations

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As a Managed Service Provider (MSP) for Tanium, we can detect, investigate and remediate incidents using a single platform. The Tanium platform eases challenges faced by EDR and IT teams, providing an integrated view of the entire enterprise.

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Tanium Threat Response introduces real-time alerting, allowing security teams to detect a broad range of attacks using custom or built-in intelligence from Tanium’s EDR team. Analysts can access a simplified feed of real-time alerts to triage and orchestrate appropriate follow on actions. Incident responders can conduct deep-dive analyses on individual systems or hunt enterprise wide. And Operations teams will be able to remediate incidents on one or more endpoints across the enterprise in seconds.

What Tomorrow Looks Like With Tanium

Tanium provides real-time data to tackle the “unknown unknowns” of increasingly complex environments and the ever-changing threat landscape.

With a robust set of investigation and remediation tools, Tanium enables organisations to quickly pivot from a surgical examination of a single endpoint to enterprise-wide response actions that neutralise threats before they become devastating breaches.

Mitigate Overall Risk Exposure

Improve Validation Effectiveness

Reduce Organisational Risk

Reduce Compliance Visbility

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