UbisoftCrytek and Capcom have all been targeted by cyber criminals in 2020. Capcom have stated that up to 350,000 customers have had their information stolen, as well as some of Capcom’s own financial data, due to a ransomware attack which hit on the 2nd November, by the Ragnar Locker Hacker Group. The group demanded to be paid an extortionate amount of money to undo the encryption on Capcom’s servers, to which Capcom refused to meet the request.  

Some conspiracy theorists have highlighted the irony of the cyber-attack on Ubisoft. They released Watch Dogs: Legion in the last month, which is a game that revolves around the subject of hacking and cyber terrorism. Conspiracy theorists have argued that this is either extremely coincidental, unintentional foreshadowing – or a PR stunt to bring more attention to their new game.   

Nevertheless, these series of attacks against large gaming developers begs the question: Why do such large organisations not have the correct precautions in place to prevent these cyber-attacks from occurring? The answer is, they most likely do. However, the cyber world is constantly innovating, which makes it difficult to keep up with cyber criminals and their new methods for hacking organisations. As a cybercriminal develops their methods to crack their way into an organisation’s system, the organisations are accountable for innovating their security at the same pace to protect their own, and their customer’s, sensitive data.  

Unfortunately, attacks like this will also affect the overall reputation of the organisation, deemed unprotected and, thus, untrusted. Fortunately, there is good news for the gaming industry – It seems that government officials are making an exceptional effort to track down these cyber criminals. In September, it was reported that America’s Department of Justice has charged seven individuals regarding cyber-attacks specifically targeting the gaming industry, in which they would obtain in game-items and currencies by fraud and sell them on for real money. Well, It’s game over for them!  

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