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Connections Management


Why is this needed?

For remote work to succeed long-term, organizations need a secure, reliable and scalable way to provide employees with fast access to desktops and applications.
Virtual private networks (VPNs) are a common choice, but they fall far short in several areas. They’re expensive and notoriously difficult for IT personnel to configure and maintain – as well as for end-users to use. VPNs also suffer latency, reliability and availability problems


How can Keeper help?

Keeper Connection Manager can do more than
provide remote desktops to people working from
home. Because it’s so scalable, secure, and easy to
use, many organizations use it to provide desktops
for labs and training environments.

Keeper Connection Manager simplified internal
systems for updating, securing and providing
access for its team to train on lab-based remote
desktops. The security and speed transformed the
manufacturer’s training environment.

A fully remote desktop experience wherever your users are. Backed by zero-trust, zero-knowledge security and world-class support.

What makes Keeper Connection Manager more secure than traditional remote desktop solutions?

  • All traffic passes through a secure, authenticated gateway. 
  • All desktop functions are executed behind the corporate firewall.
  • Client Certificates and Multi-Factor authentication can be enforced for even stronger security
  • Keeper Connection Manager is designed to operate on the Principle of Least Privilege. Access rights are carefully
    delegated through users and groups, which are automatically created by the Keeper Connection Manager packages and through strict file permissions
  • Works with RDP, SSH, VNC, K8s and MySQL endpoint
  • Access to privileged systems can be granted without exposing login credentials to the end-user

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