As our complex technological landscape widens, cyber criminals are presented with many innovative opportunities to attack. People may wonder why it is increasingly difficult to defeat cyber criminals – Let us explain… 

Think of a battle between a cyber attacker and a cyber security expert as an ever-evolving game of chess. The two opposing forces are constantly aligning their actions with a predetermined strategy. A player must always be one step ahead of the game in order to defeat their opponent. Every move has a purpose, and each player acts upon a tactic for the advantage. Essentially, cyber criminals are difficult to catch/prevent because they are constantly remodeling their strategy as technologies adapt. Consequently, cybersecurity challenges are continuously arising.  

Here are some of the key cybersecurity challenges arising in 2020. 

Ransomware Evolution: As ransomware becomes more sophisticated, the chances of its success increases. Targeting specific businesses may require a lot of time breaking into a victim’s network, spending anywhere from days to months trying to identify a vulnerability that they can exploit. Because of this, companies have time to detect and remediate any malicious presence. If they’re quick to act, they emerge unscathed and the only loss will be felt by the attacker. But if the attacker’s patience pays off, they can strike lucky.  

Phishing and Impersonation Attacks: According to a recent survey conducted by Tanium, 90% of IT leaders said they experienced an increase in cyber-attacks due to the pandemic. There is a substantial increase in the number of endpoints on a business network with the rise of remote working, which consequently leads to expanded attack opportunities for hackers including phishing and impersonation attacks. It is crucial to be vigilant and implement a solid security solution to avoid these attacks.  

Insider Threats: An insider threat are people within an organisation who will use their authorised access to do harm to the security of the business, whether that is through intellectual property theft or implementing malicious malware. The case of Edward Snowden, a self-proclaimed whistleblower who leaked US Government data in 2013, demonstrated exactly how easy it can be for workers of an organisation to leak sensitive information from the inside. 

So, what is the solution?   

These key challenges are a few amongst many emerging in 2020. As technologies and methods adapt, organisations must adapt their endpoint security. Not sure which direction to move? Our team at PointWire can help. If you already have control of your network, we can maintain it. If you don’t already have control, we can obtain it. Alongside our expert IT services at PointWire, we offer Tanium – A unified endpoint management system which allows IT Leaders to gain full visibility over a business’ network and increase security.  

Get in touch with our team at PointWire today, and together we can prevent cyber-attacks and take back control of your network – Checkmate!