Businesses are seeing a rise in the number of endpoints that are being used to access their networks. There is now an array of devices such as BYOD, CYOD, COPE and COBO due to distributed workforces increasing in popularity, which lead to distributed access to sensitive data such as company files and resources. Companies run the risk of IP theft if a team member’s personal device isn’t protected. As our ever-evolving technological landscape continues to grow substantially, the opportunities for security hackers increase concurrently – Increased endpoints introduce further vulnerabilities into the network. UEM solutions allow an enterprise to manage and gain complete visibility of their entire online estate by securing their endpoints through a single interface, which are features that many tools aren’t capable of. Essentially, it is the management of devices at the endpoint of a network in a unified format – Impressive right?  

So, what are the benefits of a UEM solution? Let us explain… 

The ability to manage, control, configure and monitor devices from one single interface is one of the main benefits of a UEM solution. Managing endpoints using a single interface provides enhanced visibility over network devices with end-user support and tames endpoint complexity, which enables better IT and business decisions.   

Automation maximises your IT team’s time and resources through streamlined initial device on-boarding. UEM solutions enable users to be more productive, efficient and collaborative through an agile solution – Workflow automation adapts complicated business processes to become easier to manage. 

UEM improves the overall IT security of an enterprise – Sensitive data is considerably more secure with a UEM solution. For example, Tanium includes fully integrated support for a business to guarantee security assurance and reduce the risk of IP theft.  

As a managed service provider (MSP) for Tanium, PointWire can eliminate risk of cyber-attacks and coordinate IT operation and security teams to consolidate your business. Tanium utilises a linear topology rather than traditional hub and spoke, which allows an MSP (like us) to manage your endpoints through a UEM platform. Tanium can guarantee a more secure network by reducing complexity, improving efficiency and aligning teams.   

We offer a fully hosted Tanium solution to businesses with less than 15,000 devices who want to increase their security measures. Contact us and we can have a chat to discuss further how we can work with you to build a safer and more efficient network!