Why choose PointWire?

Every company is going to tell you they are great and of course we believe we are, but what we think sets us apart is how we like to do business and how we treat our clients.

The values we hold very close to our hearts are Integrity, honesty, trust and passion. These values drive our decisions as a business to ensure each and every customer is delivered the best of us every time.
Our engineers take pride in their own development to make sure they are at the front and can confidently say they are experts in what they do. They strive to enhance the working life of our clients so everyone can achieve the goals they set for themselves.

We are straight forward and like simple, honest, mutual respect with our clients. We use our expertise to assess what our clients have, identify gaps and recommend a course of action. Our clients are then able to make decisions that are right for them at a time that makes sense for their organisation.

We are looking for some like-minded individuals to assist us on our growth journey. 
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The Journey

At PointWire, we recognise that talented individuals can come from all different routes of experience. Whether you are coming straight out of high school or University, or if you approach us with 25 years’ experience. If we feel that you’re a good fit for our team, no matter what your experience looks like, we would like to provide the opportunity for you to come work with us.

For this to happen effectively, we have come up with a structured career line which applies to all our different departments. Starting with the ‘Associate’ title and ending with the director level.  Not only does this accommodate for new candidates coming in at any stage in their career, but it also provides insights into what a progressive career at our company may look like for you and our current employees. 

Below, we have come up with an analogy on what a career at PointWire may look like for you and what each level of experience may look like.


Level 1 – Level 3
You walk into a room, and it’s completely dark. You are filled with excitement about what hidden gems you might find whilst you’re in the room.
As you proceed to feel around, you find a desk filled with strange objects, you pick up these objects and start trying to identify them; at first you are filled with confusion but then, as you start researching, you start recognizing that you have heard about these objects before and take the time to start to understand how they work.
With each object you identify and work with, the room starts to fill with a dim light, allowing you to see the bigger picture and how these objects and other items you find link together.

You notice the room as many doors, these are currently locked and can only be unlocked with a solar charge. You are eager to understand how everything in the room works together, once you fully understand everything in this room, all the lights switch on and the solar doors can open. 


Level 4 – Level 6
The room you are in is brightly lit, almost blinding. You find a map on the floor which has most of the areas visible, but some are still shaded out. Most of the doors are open from this initial room. Now that the doors are open, you wonder to the next room. This room has a light glow to it, but there are areas in these rooms which are darkened.
In these darkened parts, there are items that you have heard of, but never really figured out how it works.

You take the time, using other items you know in the room, to figure out these items. The dark areas of the room slowly lights up. You look at your map and now you can see that even though there is a lot you already know and have explored, the mat starts to get bigger and you notice there are still areas which haven’t been explored.
What path will you take to uncover the secrets? 

Master of Technology

Level 7
The room you are in is almost blinding, you put on your shades to protect yourself from the brightness of knowledge.
You don’t have a map, but you know how all the rooms link together, you have been in similar situations all the time. As you walk around, you see items which you haven’t dealt with for years, yet it’s still there.
Your job here is to help build the path for the people who are still along their journey.
You spend your days showing others the light.
But wait, there’s more. You find some tools. You start building your own rooms, and fill them full of items you created. These rooms came from nothingness, but as you build them you have developed another avenue.


Level 8
You understand the bigger picture of all these rooms. These rooms are all placed within your house which is located on a street with 4 or 5 different houses too.
You understand roughly what all the other houses on the street look like too, and how they all can connect with each other and how they can affect your house.

You help guide the juniors through your house. They might come to you and ask about various items that they find and how it may link with any other items. You know every item and room in your house like the back of your hand. As well as helping to guide others through, you’re also looking for ways to make your house more effective and efficient.


Are you looking for a career with us?

We’re always on the look out for talented individuals! We might not have all the active roles right now, but maybe we never knew that we needed you.

Feel free to get in touch with us via careers@pointwire.com to introduce yourself 🙂

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