COVID-19’s impact on our way of work…

Would you leave your valuable belongings in a home with all the doors and windows unlocked, granting unlimited access to any person who walks by?Any homeowner is aware of the risks of absent home security, and the necessity to build up layers of defence to deter burglars. By the same token, would you trust your unprotected, networked online endpoints to store personal data, which are prone to cyber-attacks and risk a breach which could lead to the demise of your business? Remote working is rapidly growing in popularity, now more than ever as a result of the ruinous consequences caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.  

The benefits of remote working…

Businesses have become more technologically dependent than ever, as they have had to comply with social distancing measures in a global lockdown. The recent transition to operating from home for most companies has truly highlighted the benefits of working remotely, including flexible scheduling and an improved carbon footprint. Experts even say that working from home is now the ‘new normal’, and that it is unlikely that all businesses will go back to working in an office environment.  

The down side of remote working…

In contrast, COVID-19 has unfortunately introduced heightened cyber risks. Businesses continue to face challenges with the unparalleled adaptation to a remote working environment, including poor collaboration platforms, weak communication foundations (such as VPN & network bandwidth capacity), and absence of sufficient security measures. While the world is predominantly focused on the health and economic threats posed by COVID-19, cyber criminals across the globe are certainly set to exploit businesses during the crisis. Therefore, it is more essential than ever to locate and close the IT gaps in your network, to secure your business’ intellectual property at all costs – before it’s too late.    

How can we help?

Regardless of the size of your business, you are at risk of becoming a victim to cyber-attacks. With a sudden spike in new, unknown endpoints connected to your network, it is your responsibility to ensure that your confidential data derived from your business is secure. Technical director of the NCSC, Ian Levy, predicts that a category 1 level incident is only a few years away – the thought is terrifying, isn’t it? His advice to businesses wishing to prevent such an attack is clear: Work with people to keep your data secure. That’s where PointWire can help.  

So, how can we close your IT gaps and secure your endpoints? The answer is Tanium.  

As the UK’s leading Tanium specialists, we want to work with your business to reduce complexity, improve efficiency and align teams. Tanium is a single, unified endpoint management solution which offers manageability and visibility of your changing technology at scale, by addressing challenges at multiple stages of crisis. As one of their leading professional services and Managed Service Platform (MSP) partners, PointWire are proud to be part of the Tanium Partner Advantage Programme. We can provide a fully hosted Tanium solution for all businesses with less than 15,000 devices who want to increase their security landscape and agility – If this applies to you, then today is your lucky day.  

In an ever-evolving technological landscape and the rise of remote working, it is essential to find the right security for your business which will go above and beyond to protect your confidential data. Our expert endpoint security team will always go to great lengths and succeed to safeguard your business. If you wish to discuss further how our team at PointWire can protect your business’ endpoints in an ever-evolving world, feel free to contact us