Following the release of the G-Cloud 12 framework by Crown Commercial Services (CCS), we are pleased to reveal that PointWire are the only UK Hosted Tanium as a Service (TaaS) provider with cloud-based services approved for UK government. Our TaaS offering is the most flexible available; providing options for cloud hosting, cloud software, and cloud support to both our private and now public sector clients.

The G-Cloud 12 framework is an agreement between the government and suppliers of cloud based services, set up to aid the government in procuring the correct solutions at the correct price through fair competition.  The framework ensures the government organisations have access to the latest technology and innovation; and standardises the processes to ensure quality solutions are delivered by a trusted set of suppliers. PointWire are delighted to have been accepted to the framework and look forward to advancing the security and endpoint management capabilities of government organisations over the coming years.

Don’t hesitate to get in contact with our team for more information on the exceptional cloud-based services we offer.