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How PointWire can assist with cyber security?

We breakdown the requirements for your security approach, designing a solution that works for you long term to provide the protection your business needs.



What problems are you looking to solve? How many endpoints are you looking to protect? What information are you trying to find? What are the different ways we can help you?



Once the scope of the project has been defined, the delivery of the project would undergo planning to define various stages of the delivery into phases. We keep you involved at every stage of this - don't worry.



The project phases would be executed according to what was defined during the planning stages with you; Project reporting to show activities, blockers, and progress would be delivered on a schedule as agreed with the client.



PointWire would build documentation at this stage based on the activity carried out during the aforementioned stages of the implementation. This stage may simply be assisting the transition of the service into Business As Usual (BAU) where PointWire staff would then continue to operate the service/platform for the client on an ongoing basis. Appropriate training and upskilling of client resources, as well as assistance to promote the benefits of the service to a wider audience would also be planned and undertaken at this stage to ensure PointWire helps the client demonstrate maximum realisation of the investment.

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Why choose PointWire?

PointWire was established by a nucleus of endpoint management specialists who knew how to manage endpoints at scale, and the importance of securing them as part of a wider security strategy.



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