Keeper from PointWire

Enterprise Password Management


What is Password Management?

Having a password management system in place means to have all your passwords managed and stored in one secure location. This might sound unnecessary at first, but when it comes to security, you can't be nonchalant.

Keeper can also populate fields as you login to certain accounts, saving you lots of time - and only your device has the key to decrypt the stored passwords; so, with a multi-factor authenticator in place, your passwords will never be so secure. 


How does this work?

Keeper is built using a Zero-knowledge security architecture - meaning all data stored in the 'Keeper vault' is encrypted and decrypted on the user's device.

No one at Keeper or PointWire has the ability to decrypt customer data, because the keys are managed by the customer. This type of security architecture, coupled with the Keeper's encryption methods, is instrumental in preventing a security breach.

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