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Keeper's Secrets Manager


What is Secrets Manager?

Keeper Secrets Manager provides your DevOps, IT, security and software development teams with a cloud-based, zero-trust and zero-knowledge security platform for managing your infrastructure secrets and protecting your organization’s most sensitive data


What are the benefits?

  • Secures Your Highly Privileged Systems and Data
  • Flexible and Fast Integration
  • Easy to Deploy and Easy to Use
  • End-users receive a private, encrypted
    vault for storing and managing passwords,
    credentials, files and shared secrets - on all

More information...

  • Consolidate your secrets in a unified platform and eliminate secrets sprawl by removing hard-coded
    credentials from your source code, config files and CI/CD systems. Keeper Secrets Manager provides visibility and control over your organization’s data environment, security and auditing.
  • Out-of-the-box integration with all popular CI/CD platforms such as Github Actions, Jenkins and Ansible. Developer SDKs are available for all popular programming languages to provide protection for any type of environment.
  • As a fully cloud-based, zero-trust and zero-knowledge platform, Keeper Secrets Manager doesn’t require any infrastructure to be deployed on-prem thereby eliminating complex networking, storage and HA configuration. Keeper’s advanced encryption model eliminates the risk of central vault compromise.

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